Kayak tour on the Rio do Brasil

The tour is a journey through time. As visitors travel down the river – which forms a corridor surrounded by the trees of the Atlantic Forest – they experience not only an immersion in the forest, but also in time and history. In fact, visitors kayak on the river that was included in the first map of Brazil drawn by Europeans, the Rio do Brasil, located in the RPPN. 

During the experience, the guests of Pousada Tutabel embark on single or double kayaks, always guided by an instructor. The journey along the calm waters of the river merges with the sound of birds and offers a unique experience of integration with nature. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to encounter some of the animals that live in the river, such as fish, crabs and aquatic birds. Halfway along the route, it is possible to stop and rest, and at the end of the tour there is a surprise: the closed forest opens up and the river flows into the sea, allowing visitors to paddle to a paradisiacal beach.

After the tour, guests can choose to have a picnic, lunch at a restaurant near the reserve, go to the Quadrado, or return to the pousada for lunch.