Bike Tour

The Pousada provides guests with fat bikes, more comfortable models for pedaling on the sand and uneven terrain. The tours are free and can be done individually or in groups. Here at the Pousada, we generally suggest two routes:

You can set out from the Pousada and turn left, heading north towards the Quadrado. On a round-trip journey of approximately 13 km, you’ll trace the shoreline, notice some coral reefs, and cruise by the busiest beaches and a few movie houses until you go up to the village. At the Quadrado, you can take full advantage of your bike and get to know a little more of the village.

Or, you can take a right, heading south. The view is a little different. There are some gorgeous deserted beaches, especially at low tide, when you can see coral reefs, natural pools, and bountiful native vegetation until you reach the mouth of the Rio dos Frades. It’s a shorter route, approximately 7 km, round trip.

If you prefer more extreme routes, we have outsourced partner companies that traverse trails through the forest with a higher degree of difficulty.