On a breathtaking journey, birdwatching is guided by an ornithologist and offers the opportunity to see rare species in their natural habitat.

The activity takes place at the RPPN Rio do Brasil, where about 250 species of birds have been catalogued, including the endangered Chauá Parrot (Amazona rhodocorytha) and the exceedingly rare Margarette’s White-tailed Hummingbird (Phaethornis margarettae).

The experience is a wonderful choice for everyone, meaning that experienced birdwatchers as well as beginners or the merely curious will be delighted. The activity combines the adrenaline rush of locating and identifying birds and the satisfaction of admiring the vast and beautiful diversity of the skies of the region.

The beginner’s tour includes an introduction to the “art” of birdwatching. Binoculars are provided and the secret of attracting birds by reproducing the sound of their songs is explained. Along the way, and with the help of the guide, guests can observe between 20 and 30 distinct species. The result is that guests finish the tour in awe.

The expert tour starts early in the morning, at sunrise, when the birds are most active. The activity can last until the end of the day. Depending on the interest of the birdwatcher, the team can design an itinerary to see as many species as possible – up to 70/80 species in one day – or to focus on specific species.

For those who want to take a longer walk, the Pousada Tutabel offers restaurant options close to the reserve so that you can have lunch and then return to the activity.