The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the world's richest biomes in terms of biodiversity. It is estimated that there are around 20,000 plant species (approximately 35% of all species in Brazil), including several endemic and endangered species (Ministry of the Environment - MMA).

Brazil has begun here, in the richness that is the Atlantic Forest of Bahia. Until 1500, the biome covered more than 1.3 million km² along much of the country's coastline; today, however, around 29% of its original cover remains (Ministry of the Environment - MMA).

In this scenario, Pousada Tutabel is integrated into the territory with the aim of promoting regenerative tourism and, through our experiences of direct contact with the local fauna and flora, making each traveler a guardian of the biome.

REGENERATIVE TOURISM presupposes, besides the implementation of good practices that improve the territory, the participation of the whole tourism chain in the integrated planning process:

  • To increase the positive impact of tourism; 
  • Provide reconnection, interaction with the environment and ecosystems, and stimulate observation and awareness; 
  • Foster a sense of identity and respect for the region; 
  • Promote greater socio-economic inclusion and well-being of communities and visitors;
  • Promote restoration of the landscape, ecosystems, watersheds (e.g., springs) and biodiversity;
  • Provide transformative experiences in terms of visitor interaction with local community and culture and hands-on learning;
  • Provide moments of self-awareness.
RPPN Rio do Brasil

Rio do Brasil

The RPPN Rio do Brasil is an environmental conservation area that preserves 975 hectares of Atlantic Rainforest. In the reserve, tourist activities are carried out with the aim of valuing nature and raising awareness of the importance of its conservation. Throughout the year, in addition to our guests, we organize free visits to the RPPN for children and young people from schools and NGOs in the region.

The production from the organic garden at RPPN Rio do Brasil is one of the main suppliers of fresh, native ingredients in the menu of Pousada Tutabel. There are around 40 types of vegetables - greens, legumes, roots, fruit - which are harvested according to the season. Much of the fertilizer used in the vegetable garden is produced at the pousada, using prunings from the gardens and organic waste which, after being composted, becomes fertilizer.


At Pousada Tutabel, practices are designed to have a positive impact on territorial development, the environment and the local economy are continually being introduced:

In our restaurant, we encourage the 'farm to table' concept, which prioritizes the use of ingredients from local producers;
Reducing the use of plastic: bags in the toilets have been replaced by craft paper bags, clothes are transported in cloth bags and there is no disposable packaging for shampoos and conditioners;
Conscious use of water: clay filters for guest use 82% renewable and 100% recyclable packaging in the minibar;
Recyclable items (plastic, paper, glass, cans) are sent to a recycling cooperative;
Our gift shop promotes brazilian handicrafts and small artisans throughout the country.