Beach and Pool
Beach and Pool

A menu to refresh and enjoy by the sea and the pool.

A menu that translates Trancoso's energy in any weather, with local and seasonal ingredients, on the beach or by the pool: coconut and mango ceviche with cassava tostones; tenderloin tartare with chips; curd cheese with cane molasses; octopus vinaigrette and handmade toasts.

Some guests would say that the hit are the skewers: vegetables and mushrooms with coriander pesto; fish of the day with wasabi sauce and sweet pepper; seafood (shrimp, octopus and fish) with miso sauce and coriander; meat with guava barbecue sauce; rennet cheese with cane molasses; shrimp with coriander pesto.

To hydrate: juices, coconut water, classic and signature drinks that highlight brazilian fruits and spices.



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