Projects and practices provide guests with experiences that inspire them and their future actions.

Pousada Tutabel and the RPPN Private Reserve carry out a series of projects and sustainable practices in perfect symbiosis to positively impact the environment, society, and the local economy.

Actions in the RPPN

The Rio do Brasil RPPN is an environmental conservation area belonging to the group at Pousada Tutabel, where 975 hectares of Tabuleiro—a threatened species of vegetation—Atlantic Forest are preserved. Several ecological tourism activities take place in the reserve to value the passion for nature and raise awareness about the importance of preserving it. 

Harvests from the Rio do Brasil RPPN’s organic garden supply the Pousada restaurant with fresh produce, part of which is shared among the employees. There are about 40 types of produce: leafy greens, vegetables, root vegetables, and fruits. Everything is harvested in season to maximize its nutritional essence and, of course, its tastiness.

Much of the fertilizer used in the garden is produced at the Pousada, taking advantage of garden pruning and organic waste that undergoes a composting process to become organic fertilizer.

The Pousada and RPPN employees are residents of the region’s communities. We opened spots for final-year university students in environmental courses to carry out their training.

We carry out free RPPN visits for children and youngsters from regional daycare centers, schools, and NGOs throughout the year.

We support a local NGO called Despertar Trancoso, which trains the local workforce on tourism and environmental conservation.

We helped create the Futuri collective, which develops working groups that foster regenerative tourism. 

Actions at Pousada Tutabel

Practices that positively impact the environment and the local economy are continually being introduced at our Pousada:

  • In our restaurant, we encourage the farm-to-table concept, which prioritizes using ingredients from local producers.
  • We are reducing plastic in the operation. The garbage bags in the restrooms have been replaced with Kraft paper bags. Laundry is transported in cloth bags. And we no longer use disposable packaging for shampoos and conditioners.
  • In terms of water consumption, we have adopted clay filtered-water coolers for guests, and they can still find “Água na Caixa” (Portuguese for “Boxed Water”) in the minibar. Água na Caixa’s packaging is 82% renewable and 100% recyclable.
  • We use a selective refuse collection method. Organic garbage is destined for standard collection, and the recyclables—plastic, paper, glass, and cans—are directed to a recycling company.
  • Our gift shop is aligned with regenerative tourism. We buy products from the Artesol cooperative, a non-profit organization that promotes Brazilian crafts and generates income for small artisans throughout the country.

The training of local residents to promote sustainable tourism in the region is one of them, which resulted in the hiring of several alumni for our staff. Yes, you will find here qualified employees, attentive to environmental issues and, because they are native to Trancoso, that share with us the love of the region, taking care of each piece of land with great affection!

Conservation projects in our Nature Reserve – with 975 hectares of native forest – that combat predatory hunting, environmental education and monitoring are part of this effort to preserve the natural resources for future generations and ensure the survival of the community.

To do this, we work hand in hand with institutions such as ICMBio and Conservation International – engaged in projects that strengthen the conservation and structure the public use of the National Parks of Pau-Brasil, Nacional Monte Pascoal and Nacional Abrolhos. Also part of the effort and strong partners are: Humanize, Associação Despertar Trancoso, USP, UFSB, NeoPrego, RPPN Veracel Station, IBAMA and the Public Ministry of Bahia.

Our objective is that our guests will take from Trancoso far more than the memories of a paradise: they carry the certainty that, together, we can guarantee an ever more beautiful future for Trancoso.