Those looking for Trancoso for peace and quiet can find it. Those looking for adventure and Naure - also!

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    Bicycle Trails

    Pedalling outdoors is already one of the best activities in the day to day. But here at Pousada Tutabel this experience is even more complete: in addition to being able to explore our own grounds and beach, guests can also explore trails in our Rio Brasil Nature Reserve!

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    Birding, or birdwatching, is a hobby related to searching and identifying different bird species in their natural habitats. It is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the World, with about 45 million practitioners in the US alone.

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    Kayak Tour – Brasil River

    In this tour the guest can explore by kayak the first river ever mapped in Brazil. And the best: inserted in the exuberant natural beauty of our own Rio do Brasil Nature Reserve.

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    Guests can explore the Rio Brasil Natural Reserve also by foot, on trails with different levels of difficulty. In common, all have the help of Trancoso’s exuberant nature.

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    Visit to the Pataxó Jaqueira Village

    Visiting a Pataxó village that has existed in the region since the 16th century, and is located in 36 villages distributed in 6 indigenous lands, is one of the memorable experiences that Pousada Tutabel offers its guests.

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