A magical and enchanting village

Trancoso remains one of the oldest villages in Brazil, founded by the Jesuits in the 16th century. This rare, precious and isolated place was “rediscovered” in the 1970s, this time by a group of hippies who were enchanted by its magic.

Over the years, Trancoso has attracted an increasing number of visitors in search of peace and love, including fishermen, artisans and travelers inspired by the green sea, white sand, coral pools, coconut trees and all the lush vegetation of the Atlantic Forest biome.

Today, Trancoso has become a charming and trendy village, particularly known for its center – called Quadrado. There you’ll find old colorful houses, protected by IPHAN, and inside you’ll find a variety of sophisticated restaurants, cool bars, coffee shops, charming little boutiques and ateliers. All of this next to the iconic São João Batista Church.

Close to the Quadrado, there are popular beaches, while just a few minutes away you will find more secluded beaches, such as Itapororoca Beach, where Pousada Tutabel is located. Just cross the pousada’s garden to reach the sands of Itapororoca, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the Trancoso region and probably the very definition of paradise on earth (or sand).


The biome: Brazil originated here, in the Atlantic Forest of Bahia.

The biome in which Pousada Tutabel is located used to cover more than 1.3 million km², covering a large part of the country’s coastline, but today about 29% of its original cover remains.

Nevertheless, the Atlantic Forest is still one of the richest biomes in the world in terms of biodiversity. It is estimated that there are about 20,000 plant species (about 35% of all species in Brazil), including several endemic and endangered species (Ministry of the Environment).

Neighboring Pousada Tutabel and reflecting the richness of the biome, Rio do Brasil RPPN is a 975-hectare ecological reserve. Beautiful and magnificent, as well as home to several endangered species (such as the Chauá Parrot and the world’s rarest hummingbird, the Margarette’s White Tail), the RPPN promotes sustainable development and environmental education for visitors, whether locals or tourists.

Como Chegar


Aeroporto do Completo Terra Vista

Uma excelente opção de como chegar em Trancoso sem pegar a estrada em nenhuma parte do trajeto.

O aeroporto do Complexo Terra Vista possui uma pista de 1,5 km de extensão, pronta para receber voos de jatos executivos e também voos charter (fretados) de até 100 passageiros.

Aeroporto de Porto Seguro

O aeroporto de Porto Seguro está localizado a 80 km de Trancoso e recebe voos diários de diversas regiões do país. Conta ainda com suporte de aluguel de carros, para o hóspede que deseja se deslocar com veículo própria até a Pousada Tutabel.


Saindo do aeroporto, atravesse de balsa até Arraial d’Ajuda. A travessia dura cerca de 10 min e está disponível 24h. Ao chegar em Arraial o hóspede pode vir de táxi, ônibus ou van até Trancoso.


O percurso até a Pousada Tutabel, saindo do aeroporto de Porto Seguro, leva aproximadamente 1h e meia. Se o hóspede estiver vindo de Salvador, Minas Gerais e outras regiões, deverá acessar a BR-101 (até Eunápolis), depois a BA-367 (direção Porto Seguro) entrando na BA-001 (direção Trancoso). Trancoso está a 1007 km do Rio de Janeiro e 1341 km de São Paulo.